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15 July 2005



Ok, I found where we lived on the base just fine (although it looks farther inland than what I remember). The base was soooo easy as the runway is a dead giveaway.

Knapton Hill I am still unsure of, so if you can bear with me, I'll give you back what I think is Knapton Hill and you tell me if I'm correct.

If you look on the map, I focused on the area of Devil's Hole in Harrington Sound. (If I'm off track, don't go any further with my directions but redirect me to a different area on the map.) On the biodiversity map I located Devil's Hole and found Harrington Sound Road. I followed that up to a small island in Devil's Hole with a building on it. Just east or across from the island is an "L"-shaped building with a smaller building east of the lower part of the "L". Is that the farm with the goat and turkey? (It matches your description of a house with "a largish green area south of the house.") If I am in the correct area, then is Knapton Hill the next house over across the road to the east?

Whew! Going between two maps and written instructions to find a small point on a map is confusing. I think I will lie down now and take a nap. (I also need to rest up for the new Harry Potter book out tonight! I have line #67 at our local Borders Books so I will be reading late into the night.)


You're going out?! In that crowd?

I'm waiting until tomorrow to pick up my reserved copy. Crowds -- yuck.

Valerie again

Devil's Hole?? Whattarya doin' over there? (yeah, I know -- you remember the name and that we drove by it to get home)

I'll make a screen shot, do an X-marks-the-spot and update the page. Much easier that way.

You're going to be up late anyhow, waiting for the Stroke of Midnight, so you can check your email.

Did you get one copy of the book for each of you, or one copy and an audio version?


I was up late last night and it was crowded at Borders, but we were in and out in half an hour! We got there about 11:55 PM and they had just announced that they were taking #s 1-50 at the desk where they had the books all covered up. (It was funny as they had stacks of books covered with black plastic and a little hand-written sign saying "Nothing to see here".)

Since we were #67 I didn't have much of a wait. The place was a zoo, though, and was very warm with too many bodies roaming around. I really pitied the workers there. No matter how they work it, someone was going to be unhappy, I'm sure, and the store had been opened since 9AM.

We got two copies of the book as Sarah and I like to read simultaneously. I will be getting the audio version, but at the time I thought it was good enough that I got the books.

Afterwards Sarah and I drove home with her reading the chapters and then speculating what those chapters contained. I am now about halfway through and Sarah has told me to slow down as she is trying to relish it and doesn't want me to get too far ahead.

And, actually, it is very rare for me to be on the computer during the evening. Usually Joseph has it tied up. Right now he's in his room playing video games and I'm trying to see if I can pursuade him to have me read T-H-E Book to him. It gives me a chance to go over it again and think about things. But, Joseph has said, "I can read it on my own" so I don't know if he'll let me read it to him.

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